As many of you may already know, I am in a bit of a love affair with the city of Stockholm. After living there back in 2010, I’ve always wanted to return. But it’s not an easy city for finding an apartment, so I’m heading to live in Thailand next. This year, I’ve been to Stockholm several times and am heading back again in a couple of weeks. So in case you are still wondering what it is that pulls me back to this northern capital time after time, here are the 10 main reasons I love Stockholm.


1.The people are fabulous

Here’s a little dedication to all my Swedish friends in Stockholm – you are all insanely fabulous. There’s something in the waters I believe, something that makes all the Swedish people look like they are walking down a runway at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. And the men, well, some of them do also look like they’re walking down runways for Victoria’s Secret, but gosh some of them are pretty like Justin Bieber rolled up in pink cotton candy.

2. It’s easy to eat healthy even when eating outside

Maybe it’s not the waters that make the locals flawless, maybe it’s just the ease of eating healthy even when eating outside. Seriously, everytime I’m in the city, I eat so healthy it’s not even funny. I start a day with a green kale shake, gobble down a smoothie bowl and an avocado toast for lunch and spend the evening gorging on raw vegan macro bowls. It’s magical.


IMG_4006.jpgLunch at Sally Voltaire & Systrar

3. It’s trendy as f*ck

As I board the plane, feeling stylish as ever, with my Ray Ban glasses and high heels on, I feel like a frump the minute I land at Arlanda Airport. Ray Ban’s are somehow out of season and my heel just broke. Everyone around me is seriously trendy as f*uck. And I mean everyone. To feel like I belong here, I run for a crazy shopping spree – as shopping in Stockholm is simply the greatest thing in life.

And it’s not just the people, everything around me is trendy to the core. The cafés and restaurants too are keeping up with the latest Instagram bandwagons. Bloggers in their latest Urban Outfitter outfits are snapping selfies around their acai bowls and matcha lattes on their marble tables everywhere I glance.

16389126715_7cc9b728b1_bIMG_3988.jpgBreakfast at Kaffeverket

4. Because in Stockholm, you can sleep in an old Pan Am plane

This one’s to all my #avgeeks. There is a hostel at Arlanda Airport where you can sleep in the cockpit of an old Boeing 747 that has previously been operated by Pan Am and Singapore Airlines. On my next trip to Stockholm, I NEED a night at this Double Bed Ensuite Cockpit. Oh and also, what a clever way to join the mile high club. Bucket list, check!

5. Because you can get oat milk to your cappuccino almost everywhere

Swedish people are smart in the way that they know cow’s milk is for cow babies. First of all the Swedes value coffee breaks, or actually Fika, as the locals call it. There are so many nice cafés in the city that I’m having the hardest time testing them all (especially as I’m over-sensitive to caffeine, oops). But the best thing is that it’s so easy to get alternative vegetable milk in your coffee, all from soy to oat and almond. And some, even coconut. And nothing in the world beats coconut milk, expect maybe joining the mile high club at an old Pan Am Jumbo jet.

fika stockholmsCoffee break at Kaffekoppen & Chokladkoppen in Gamla Stan

6. Gamla Stan is adorable around Christmas time

While the Old Town may be swarming with tourists like ants in the Finnish forest, it’s one o the most adorable places in the world. On a snowy winter day, it’s like walking in a fairytale. There’s no better way to spend a Christmas time than by walking around Gamla Stan and stopping for a glass of glühwein in one of the several adorable cafés and restaurants.

7. There are juice bars in every corner

It’s not only eating healthy that’s made easy in Stockholm but also drinking healthy. One of the healthiest things you can do to your body is to start your day with a massive green vegetable juice. And it’s all made easy by Joe & the JuiceJuicefabriken and many other yummy juice spots in the city.


8. It has the ABBA Museum

Who doesn’t love the ABBA? I’m not big on museums, but at the ABBA Museum, you can record yourself singing their hits and even perform as one of the members on stage with ABBA holograms. It’s a museum everyone should visit once in a lifetime.


9. It’s safe

Especially in today’s world, safety is a merit to value more than ever. Stockholm is located up here in the north, away from all the world’s drama. And most of the locals are friendly and speak English. Sure there are some neighbourhoods where you might not want to walk alone at night, but all in all, the whole country can be considered very safe.


10. It’s simply oh so beautiful

The impeccable combination of old architecture and modern Scandinavian design makes the city stand out in all ways visual. Being surrounded by the sea and the purest nature, the views from all around the city are just breathtaking.

I cannot wait to return to Stockholm yet again in a couple of weeks! 


Heh, you’ve pointed out pretty much every single reason why I love Stockholm too! 🙂
Ever since I have visited it for the first time 9 years ago, I’m always eager to go back and the
amazing feeling of happiness and adventure never disappears when I’m in Stockholm.
Btw, Joe&Juice are coming to Stockmann’s 1st floor. I know that you’re moving to Thailand but
just wanted to share with you anyway. 😀