I remember the first time I went to a travel blogging conference, and I remember how almost everyone introduced themselves as digital nomads living on the road. I could not help but feel a bit jealous. Oh how I wish I could say the same. I mean, I was working at a dream job which allowed me to travel a lot, but I guess I needed even more freedom. Since then, a city named Chiang Mai got stuck to my head. I started to dream about one day living and working in Chiang Mai as a digital nomad – no matter how travel blogging cliché it may sound.


Earlier this year I became a full-time freelancer with no savings on my name to back me up on a bad month. I was already blogging part-time, so I already had a business and had a clue of how things work. And at first, I actually found it easy to find clients, but that was mainly due to my large network I had built working in the travel industry. I still haven’t faced a time where I’ve struggled to find work and now feel silly for how terrified I was before. As a business owner, from day one, I’ve made more money than ever before. Today, I make a living blogging, social media consulting, writing and Instagram. 

Often times, when we get a new job or a place to study, we go out to celebrate it with friends and family. Somehow I have not celebrated my new accomplishment even once. I’ve been too afraid it all vanishes somewhere, because in some ways it’s still too good to be true. But finally yesterday, after doing a bit of math for my current projects, I realised things are working out. I’m actually making a living doing what I love. Of course nothing is certain, but I don’t think anything in life is  – so perhaps just today, I should celebrate achieving my dreams with that glass of sparkling. 


So, it’s time to go back to packing. I have resigned my apartment and am moving on the road at least for the rest of the year come Sunday, to live that digital nomad dream I had. On Sunday, I will close the door to this place I’ve called home for more than 2 years and head out to new adventures. I will first head to Stockholm, then come back to Finland for a wedding, then Vietnam, then Malta, then Italy and then finally, Chiang Mai. 


You are doing well and are an inspiration and you give great tips 😉 Oh and most important you are a nice person x

Wow Veera, it’s inspiring to hear your story 🙂 It will be so great to get to follow you on these adventures in the fall and winter! And you should definitely celebrate. These words are just so true: “Of course nothing is certain, but I don’t think anything in life is”.

I wish you all the best on your travels – and say hi to Stockholm and Sweden will you? 🙂
Hugs <3

Thanks Jenn! I cannot wait to share my adventures 🙂 And thanks! See you around some time <3

Go follow your dreams and if they chance it’s fine, too! Good luck with everything! I will be following your adventures through Snapchat! Kippis!