There’s no place I love the way I love Goulburn. Goulburn is a tiny little country town between Sydney and Canberra, an hour away from the coast. I ended up in Goulburn back in 2006 as an exchange student and ended up returning year after year. Australia felt like home to me right away. And how lucky I am to have the best host family I could have ever asked for.

Goulburn to me is a place where all of this began. It’s the place where I learned that travel is what I love the most. It’s where I started to write a travel blog which eventually turned into all that I have now.


Still after 10 years, I still have my own room in our house in Goulburn. My host family is like a real family to me, still after all these years. When I first left Goulburn, I decided I would never come back again. Why? Because leaving this place simply hurts too much. I could not do it again. Leaving Australia was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. But luckily by now I know that home is not just an address. I can always return. Every year if I want to.

On my two week trip this year, Goulburn Post did a little interview about my love for this town. You can read it here. This town is not a place where I run around town meeting people, but about staying in the nature with our animals. I don’t want to leave.