My days in Finland this year are slowly coming to an end, and I am getting more and more into this nomad life – it’s starting to grow on me. I love not worrying about rent every month and having the opportunity to wander wherever I want. And I love the hotel life, I always have, and now I get to spend a bunch of my nights in nice hotels around the world! Yay for that! Tomorrow, I am heading to wander around Finland for almost a week to stay in most of the Radisson hotels we have in the country.

I visited Malta already earlier this spring with my dear friends, but am now heading back again at the end of next week. One of my best friends lives in Malta, so I obviously need to see her more than just once per year. And meanwhile my friend is at work, I can focus on my writing projects while I enjoy the beautiful views from her balcony – as long as the weather is still nice and sunny.


And because life is filled with funny coinsidensies, I will be meeting with some other friends too while I am in Malta. My dear friend Jeroen just published a book , ‘A Hotelier’s Mind’, so we met up in Stockholm a couple of weeks back so I could get my own signed copy. As we were talking and catching up, we realised we will both be in Malta during the same time. Jeroen will be speaking at an event, Ignite: IOT & Tourism – An explosion of opportunities to create competitive advantage, where I am now invited to attend as a guest.

Also, my friends from FREEDOMtravel will land to Malta only a few days after me, so we will make sure to have some time to go check out the wild nightlife of the island!

Other than that, I will spend most of my ten days focusing on work. The last two months have been a bit difficult, as I was a victim of identity theft and it has been bit chaotic trying to solve the case. Luckily earlier this week, the media and politicians got involved and the case was eventually solved in 12 hours. So I can now finally go back to normal life and focus on my work!


So, I definitely feel like I deserve a bit of a break by the Mediterranean. Working on writing projects while sitting on the balcony with a glass of wine will be just the kind of way I need to work for a while after all of this. Now life is all about running around, sitting on buses, planes, trains and cars, so I am looking forward to staying still for almost 10 days.

Malta is a perfect destination in spring and autumn, as in summer it’s a bit crazy crowded with teenagers on their summer holidays and language schools. I just really hope the weather will be on my side as it will be early October already!

Here’s my office view for the days to come –>


I’m also really looking forward to all the delicious smoothies the island has to offer <3