4 of My Favorite Cafés in Bangkok

28 helmikuun, 2017

Bangkok, you sexy beast – a city I fell in love with at first sight, though for many it can feel overwhelming at first glance. Bangkok is so much of everything. It can eat up your energy, but still feed you the vibrancy that makes you want to stay up through the night just wandering on its life-filled streets.

Bangkok will always be one of my favorite cities in Asia, though the first and second place for that will always go to Hong Kong and Shanghai. There’s just so much to do and see every hour of the day and night. I believe nobody has ever been bored in Bangkok. For a Finn like me it sure gets boiling hot in the summer months, but it forever beats the cold winter here in the north.

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But without further ado, allow me to introduce you my four favorite cafés in the city!


1.Rocket Coffeebar

Rocket Coffeebar is a Scandinavian chain & currently hosts 2 delicious cafes in Bangkok, one in Sathorn and one in Sukhumvit – rumor has it that two more will be open again soon. I first found Rocket Coffeebar when I was going out to breakfast with my two Thai flight attendant friends who wanted to ensure I’m not missing home while in Bangkok.

Oh, and wasn’t it love at first sight – or, well, bite!

Not that I was missing home, but there will never be a day I won’t appreciate a good salmon waffle with a perfectly brewed soy cappuccino over a bowl of noodles for breakfast. And to be honest, in case you would be missing home; nothing good old meatballs and mash wouldn’t cure, ha?


2.Hands & Heart

Hands & Heart is the wet dream of every Instagram addict caffeine consumer. Located on Sukhumvit, Hands & Heart invites you to try out cafe drinks wilder than you’ve imagined, like this caramel dream or the cold brewed white coffee with a black croissant just to ensure the hipsterness of the experience. This is no average Swedish fika.

The café is not too big but on a peaceful day a perfect place to sit down for hours and perhaps get a bit of work done with their magical wifi connection.


3.Unicorn Café

Don’t even dare to try disagree on this one; there is no better way to spend a Monday than dressed as a unicorn while hugging unicorns and drinking unicorn blood from a star-shaped mug with a rainbow straw. To top the experience, get yourself a pair of unicorn slippers (I know I did) and order a round of colorful waffles while at it.

Unicorn Cafe is located in Silom. Check out their opening hours and location here.



Oh Toby Toby! Toby’s is located in Sukhumvit, only a short walking distance from Hands & Heart – so ensure to check out both if you end up this way! Also in case you feel like moving to Bangkok, I’d totally consider doing so in this area of the city! Toby’s serves great coffee, but also the best western kind of brunch in town – obviously with those western prices too. Though trust me every sip of their cold-pressed vegetable juices will be worth it.

I cannot help but state this was the most delicious brunch I’ve ever enjoyed anywhere.

Toby’s also serves lunch, but as breakfast is the most important meal of the day I have breakfast for lunch and dinner too.


What are your favorite cafes in Bangkok?


Hi Veera

I am a big fan of two cafées at Tanao Road in Bangkok (a lovely street just around the corner fra Khao San Road).

Almost next to a large flower market is the Farm to Table Organic Cafe, where you can find, well, delicious organic food and drinks.

Another great café at Tanao Road is a small backyard teahouse / café called Tea Room. It’s cosy and friendly – and a great place to sit with your laptop and do some travel blogging :0)

Best, Maria