8 Best Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

heinä, 12, 2015

One thing I learned in 2015 is that Berlin happens to have some of the world’s tastiest vegan restaurants. The city is no longer all about Bratwurst or Schnitzels. Here are my favorite vegan restaurants in Berlin.

1. Café Vux

Café Vux is a crazy cute café with homemade vegan cakes, cookies, waffles, pancakes, muffins,….Now I’m hungry! But you propably got the picture, this place is tasty. And darlings, make sure to try their seitan wurst!


berliini-vegaaniKuva: Still in Berlin

2. Die Chaostheorie

Berlin is so hipster, that it has a VEGAN COCKTAIL BAR. Seriously. The greatest place on the planet. Chaostheorie is a chilled and cute little bar with cocktails, smoothies and some proper vegan ’pub food’. Also, the owner happens to be super sweet!



3. Kopps

Kopps is the vegan option for fine dining in Berlin. Kopps happens to be the tastiest restaurant I’ve dined in. All ingredients are organic and as local as ever possible. Kopps also has a great vegan brunch!



4. Laauma

Laauma makes you feel like home. Only if your home had a talented vegan chef though. Make sure to enjoy a burger with some rhubarb pie for dessert. And here, one must drink coconut from a coconut – I demand you to do so.


Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 22.10.24

5. Let It Be

Only from a place like Berlin, can you find a vegan crepe restaurant. Heaven on earth. Hello. Let It Be also serves great vegan curries and burgers.


6. Lucky Leek

Lucky Leek focuses on high-quality ingredients with Michelin level vegan dining. Lucky Leek is one of the best restaurants in Berlin and it’s not as expensive as one might expect. Go here for the five course vegan menu and please, take me with you!



7. The Bowl – Clean Eating

The Bowl is perhaps my favourite place for healthy vegan lunch in Berlin. It’s located in a building with a vegan supermarket, another vegan restaurant (below) and even a vegan leather store. Make sure to try out the delicious macro bowl and a green smoothie!


the bowl

8. Goodie’s Berlin

Goodie’s Berlin is a chain restaurant located in a few places around Berlin. Everytime I spot a Goodie’s, I’ll go in for a smoothie or a delicious wrap or bagel!

goodiesKuva: Still in Berlin

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  1. Vastaa


    2 toukokuun, 2017

    We dined at Vaust – an excellent vegan and organic micro-brasserie, at The Bowl – a restaurant specialized in clean eating and vegan food that’s just as good, and Daluma – a hipster bio café with mainly vegetarian dishes.

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