Best Finnish Travel Blog (oh hello!)

21 tammikuun, 2017

The busiest week of the year is behind – referring to #NBEFinland & MATKA travel fair over here in Finland. I still remember my first travel fairs where I got to attend as a tourism student. I would just stare at the busy business people running from a meeting to another and greeting each other along the way, and to be honest I felt a bit jealous. I saw something that I really wanted to be a part of. I didn’t belong here yet, but oh man how I do now. Now, these travel fairs are like big family reunions no matter where in the world, there will be a friendly face among the crowd. I’ve been so lucky to have networked with so many amazing industry professionals in the last years, and many of them have become the dearest friends to me.


What was also great at this years Matka, was to meet many of you readers! There’s nothing better than putting faces to those numbers!

But what made this #NBEFinland & travel fair week even more incredible was the news I got yesterday! My travel blog, Veera Bianca, was just awarded to be the Best Finnish Travel Blog! Wow! Me? Nr. 1? Amongst all those incredible storytellers? I feel beyond honored for this and will take this honor to develop this little space of the internet even more in the next months.

I could for sure write another emotional post on what this blog has brought to my life, but you probably already know. It’s the people, the adventures, the places and all the life changing experiences no money could buy. It’s everything I have in my life. It’s my biggest passion.


I’m feeling even more thankful than I usually do. Happier. More successful. Achieved. Just beyond grateful. And most of that is simply thanks to you! SO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Now I am off to sleep & next week I am off to Iceland!


Great blog! You should write about Åland Islands also!

Åland Islands is a safe place to go.

Girl you rock! You so deserve that. Working as hard as you do I’d be surprised if you didn’t get many more awesome news in the coming years! You’re an inspiration to all of us in Finland (and outside!). Virtual hugs!