It’s kind of funny that when in April I decided to become a full-time blogger, I’ve had a lot less time for blogging than before. Life has pretty much completely changed in the past week. I have resigned my apartment and on Sunday left home in Töölö for good.

I’ve always dreamed of having a job I can do from anywhere in the world, and I suddenly found myself with one. I have no idea what the future holds, but instead of stressing about it, this is what I have now – and I want to make the most of it.

I started my adventure by heading out to Stockholm for Blog House Stockholm and to catch up with my Swedish blogger colleagues. And now I am in Helsinki for a couple of days on business and for a friends wedding. The past two nights, I’ve called Omenahotels my home and tonight, I’m at Klaus K.


I am going to be travelling full time at least for the rest of the year. Then I return to Helsinki for Nordic Bloggers’ Experience in January

This Sunday, I head out to Vietnam for ITE HCMC travel conference in Ho Chi Minh City. Many of you know how much I love Asia, so I am beyond thrilled to go, especially as a guest of the largest and most established travel exhibition in Vietnam and the Mekong region. After a busy conference week, I get to travel to Phan Thiet to enjoy some much needed time to relax on the beach too.

This will be my first trip to Vietnam! I am flying  to Singapore this weekend with Finnair, and from there onwards with Vietnam Airlines to Saigon. I am also super excited to get to stay at Le Meridien.


After Vietnam, I come to Finland for 2 weeks for some work things and then fly to Malta for 10 days. After Malta, I will go to Italy for a campaign – after which, I finally head to Chiang Mai.

Now as the trip has officially started, I promise I’ll be blogging a lot more from the road for you guys!

But for now, I seriously need to sleep! Nighty night world!


So exciting Veera, living the dream guuuurl! I can’t wait to see all your beach updates, as they will be the most dreamy and jealously-wretching haha! Enjoy every minute of your Nomadic life, we will be with you in spirit!!!

Thanks sweetie <3 I never feel alone when I have people like you along the journey <3

I am really looking forward to following you on these trips, Veera! Or should I say your journey as a digial nomad. So brave and exciting!