I flew Dragonair from Hong Kong to Kota Kinabalu. Dragonair is a Hong Kong based airline owned by Cathay Pacific. The airline has several routes around Asia. Dragonair uses Airbuses on their routes – I got to try both their new A330-300 and the very outdated A320-200.

dragonairtaiwan lentokenttä

My route from Hong Kong to Kota Kinabalu was with A330-300 and the aircraft was almost empty as it was so close to the elections in Malaysia most tourists wanted to stay away. Nothing like having a whole row to myself and a glass of wine to watch the sunrise from an airplane window! The service was also on point with 10 passengers on board haha!

The return journey was extremely different with the old A320-200 overbooked. But well, it got me to where I was going. I don’t really have much else to say about it to be honest.

dragonair a330dragonair sisältä

We got a warm meal during the flight, provided by LSG Lufthansa Service Hong Kong. The meal was noodle-something and it was delicious. We were also served alcoholic beverages without any extra charges – no flying without Gin&Tonic for me. No such thing. Seriously. Again for the return journey – I don’t even remember. But I also believe most of the old A320’s are gone by now(?).

 All in all my experience with Dragonair was great and I will surely fly with it again when in Asia!

dragonair ateriadragonair a330-300a