Instagrammable foodie spots in Manhattan, New York

3 huhtikuun, 2017

This blog would likely by now be a food blog if I had the vocabulary to write about food in more adjectives than yum, yumsies, my oh my, orgasmicness or hello heaven. But meanwhile, let’s stick to travel with a bit of Instagrammable foodie spots here and there around the world, as it’s literally what my heart beats for more and more every day – and no place like Manhattan, New York for such a foodie mission! 
So here you are, 12 of my favourite Instagram friendly cafes, delis and lunch spots on Manhattan, New York!

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1.Two Hands

I’ve spotted Two Hands on so many Instagram accounts and blogs within the last year that it’s almost like I’d been there before. I had to wait for a table for about 10 minutes, but then got in to enjoy some madly delicious healthy treats for brunch, lunch – whatever you want to call it! I got myself their somewhat famous avocado toast with a poached egg, the best acai bowl I’ve ever enjoyed and a cappuccino. Yum-o much. Seriously, I’ve had my fare share of acai bowls around the globe, and nothing beats this one so far! And obvs. aesthetics so on point.




2. The Butcher’s Daughter

Now I got to be honest with you, because I never managed to dine at The Butcher’s Daughter on my visit to New York as I was on a busy schedule and didn’t have the time to wait for a table. Luckily though my dear blogger colleague Hanna from Sunday Blondie (yes, it’s in Finnish, but her photos will blow ya mind). I trust Hanna’s foodie tastebuds and wanted to add this place to the list. Because yes, their avocado toast game is mad on point.

thebutchersdaughter_newyork_6Photos: Hanna / Sunday Blondie

3. Cha Cha

All things matcha also seem to keep their place at the top of the food trends this year too, all around the world. Thank you, Japan for this glorious powder turning water and milk into magic potion. I got addicted to matcha on my trip to Tokyo some years back, but am not the biggest fan of the latte version of it, unless done right as f*ck like at Cha Cha on Manhattan, New York. Their matcha is no joke and neither is their interior – or maybe the lather is, but that’s what also makes Cha Cha worth visiting. I mean palm trees and pink flamingos. Just saying.



4. Woops!

Whoops! Oopsie! Whoops is a must for a sweet tooth like myself! Woops! is a sweetliciously cute cafe chain located in a few places around New York. There’s one on Manhattan, but I actually dropped in their Brooklyn cafe, but they should all be equally yum. We all know Laduree from its fabulous macarons, but Whoops! got game – don’t dare to drop in without a few macarons and perhaps a waffle to make sure you’ve got enough sugar in your body! I mean, I also had to buy a box of macarons to take back to the hotel (how’s that diet going you might ask – we’ll don’t ask, I’m also on a plane home from Italy as I type, and why yes, there was pizza).


5. Ralph’s Cafe

Ralph Lauren opened a cafe upstairs of its flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York. Whether you are into shopping at Ralph Lauren or not (personally, I’m obsessed), you should definitely drop by the café. It’s simple but stylish design and those Instaworthy marble tables make it everything. And Mr Lauren himself is a bit of a coffee fanatic himself, ensuring you won’t have to enjoy just any average cappuccino here. Also, the good news is that the cafe is considerably affordable!


6. Ladurée New York Soho

New York or Paris, who wouldn’t love a little Ladurée? I stopped for coffee at Laduree in Soho on one of my days in New York. Laduree is like walking into a fairytale! This Laduree comes with a restaurant too, but it’s best to make a booking in advance. You can just grab some macarons to go in a cute box or stay a while if there happens to be available tables while you’re at it.


7. Taiyaki NYC

Taiyaki became an Instagram hit by its Japanese fish shaped waffles, because of course it did. The matcha and vanilla might just be the flavours to die for in my opinion. So take an ice-cream with your best travel buddy and go outside for a little photo sesh before swallowing it whole, as it’s just that delicious orgasmicness.

14333641_175488296188873_4191830636852674148_n.0Photo: Eater NY

8. Eggloo

While on the subject of sinfully delicious desserts, Eggloo has my heart. Back in the days when I called Hong Kong home, I fell madly in love with a local street eat egg waffle, which is literally a waffle shaped like tiny eggs, and oh so delicious. Eggloo has turned this delicious street food into a treat unlike any other. Just add a little ice-cream, nutella, marshmallows, cake, sprinkles, or whatever it is that tickles your fancy to that egg waffle and eat it away (Instagramming the s*it out of it first, of coursies).


9. Dudleys NYC

Dudleys is a fabulous breakfast and lunch place on Lower East Side. As a breakfast fanatic (yes, I do have breakfast also for lunch and dinner, mainly because you only live once) nothing turns me on like the phrase ‘all day breakfast’ (ok, maybe something like ‘looks that’s Bruce Willis without a shirt’ does too). Whatever you do at Dudleys, don’t miss out on their pancakes, avo toasts or rice bowls – so yeah, please just stuff your face whatever the occassion.


10. Jack’s Wife Freda

Jack’s Wife Freda is a small bistro kinda foodie spot both in Soho and West Village on Manhattan, New York. Jack’s Wife Freda has a bit of a Mediterranean vibe in its game, but happens to also serve crazy good pancakes (yes, I test all the pancakes in every city like it was my job, or well, it kind of is(?). If possible, might be a smart move to book a table over here – and of course ask for the marble one closest to the window, krhm, you know exactly why.

jackswifefredaKuva: Jack’s Wife Freda

11. by Chloe

by Chloe is not your average McDonald’s or Burger King, but a healthy fast-food hamburger joint option located around New York in several locations. I am not the hamburger kind, but my oh my by Chloe is good. I enjoyed a chia bun burger with a ton of veggies, sweet potato fries with their own beetroot ketchup, and a coconut water. by Chloe also has amazing salads, smoothies and juices. To admire more photos from by Chloe, tune back into Hanna’s blog yet again for a sneak peak.


12. Cookie DŌ NYC

You know how good Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream is? Yes girl, I know you do. Imagine taking every bit of that cookie doughness out of it and putting just that into a waffle cone with a little bit of sprinkles. Well, that’s what they call heaven. Cookie DO NYC happens to have gone viral around social media, so you might have to accept the fact that it may require 45 minutes of queuing, but hey, if you are on a holiday why the hell not – I mean, it’s cookie dough on a waffle cone. What more do you want out of life? WHAT? Nothing more, I know.

waffle-cones.w710.h473Photo: Grub Street

So here’s my tips for Manhattan, New York for you my loved ones! Stay tuned for a similar list for Brooklyn later this month!