Sunday Morning Green Smoothie Bowl

29 lokakuun, 2017

There’s nothing better than a slow Sunday morning in bed after a busy week and before another busy week.  I started today by blending a fabulous super healthy green smoothie bowl and sipped some cappuccino while catching up on my favorite blogs.

It was already years ago that I got addicted to green smoothies in all forms, but the more vegetables and seaweeds the merrier to me. Especially as sometimes it’s hard to eat healthy on the road, grabbing a green smoothie here and there is the easiest way to get in those nutrients.



I usually make my smoothie bowls vegan, but today I have some Greek Yoghurt in the mix which can easily be substituted with a vegan yogurt or quark.

I rarely look at recipes for my smoothie bowls, but instead just throw in the blender whatever I can grab from the fridge. Oh well, if I did that literally my bowl might have had some sparkling wine and feta cheese in it too – so I actually do have a base on how I build my bowl. I start with a hearty fruit like banana or avocado, then add something green such as kale or spinach. Next up is something sweet and icy, such as berries or mango. Then I add the yogurt or quark and a little bit of some milk or coconut water. Last but not least, I throw in whatever superfoods I have in the kitchen.

And then I get some inspiration from this fabulous Instagram smoothie bowl queen.

There’s always a lot of debate on superfoods, but I must say that I feel so much better eating my chlorella, collagen and maca powder. I tried leaving them all out earlier this year and have been ill so much more frequently than normal – who knows if that’s the reason, but I definitely took my magical powders back!


Sunday morning Green Smoothie Bowl:

  • 1 banana
  • kale
  • 100g of frozen mango
  • 1/2 d Greek yogurt
  • tiny little bit of your chosen milk (I used oat)
  • protein powder
  • Superfoods (I used chlorella, maca, collagen & green powder)


Have you joined the smoothie bowl madness yet?