Hotel Des Balances Lucerne – Review of one of my favorite hotels in the world

22 joulukuun, 2019

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Hotel Des Balances in Lucerne, Switzerland is one of my favorite hotels from around the world. The hotel is located a very short walk away from the main railway station, right by Lake Lucerne. Hotel Des Balances is a four star hotel ready to impress by not only its location but quality of service.

I have traveled in Switzerland frequently in the past few years and always stay at Hotel Des Balances when in Lucerne.

The first time I stayed in Hotel Des Balances was actually only last summer after we had just hosted a travel bloggers workshop in Geneva. It had been an incredible but intensive week and the moment I opened my hotel room window here, I was in awe. Never had I ever seen a view like this from a room. I poured myself a glass of red. Cried a happy tear. I fell in love with Lucerne and this hotel right from the start.

The view from the window of my room at Hotel Des Balances was more like from a postcard. Or the first scene of an old romantic Hollywood movie. Is this even real, I asked to myself? As the day turned into evening and the sky was painted in all the shades of purple and the street lights reflected back to the night sky, I wanted time to stop.

I could have sat here over my Cabernet Sauvignon forever.

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hotel des balances lucern view
hotel des balances lucerne switzerland
hotel des balances room view

Hotel Des Balances Lucerne – a hotel with a postcard view

Hotel Des Balances is a stylish four star luxury hotel in the heart of the old town of Lucerne in Switzerland. The hotel was first opened already back in 1807 and the building itself goes back to the 13th century. The historical hotel has been hosting many important names from the past from queens to princes and from authors to artists. The hotel was renovated in 2015 and has a stylish modern twist respecting the old.

As you enter the lobby, you are greeted by a grand staircase with golden handrails – while it’s old school luxurious, Hotel Des Balances is no show-off, but a rather down-to-earth kind of a hotel with uncompromised class.

Hotel Des Balances has over 50 rooms on five floors. The four star hotel impresses you especially by the quality of service and the breathtaking views I cannot stop mentioning in each and every chapter.

One thing to notice is that there is no gym or pool at Hotel Des Balances. Not to worry though, aside of Lake Lucerne is a perfect area for a morning run almost any time of year.

hotel des balances from outside
hotel des balances lucerne entrance

Hotel Des Balances: rooms

I’ve stayed in three different rooms at Hotel Des Balances during the past months and all have been in Superior Double Rooms. The other room types are Queenroom Old Town, Junior Suite and Romantic Suite.

The most important thing when booking a room is to request one with a lake view if you want to experience the postcard view. Some of the rooms have a view of the old town instead, which sure is adorable too but doesn’t quite compare.

Some of the rooms have balconies, which is a great addition if you are travellig in Lucerne during summer time. The first time I stayed here my room only had a little French balcony, which is nice too. Nothing tops a proper balcony, especially when it’s warm enough to enjoy a little morning espresso outside with a mountain view.

Other things that stood out to me in the hotel room have been the incredibly soft and cozy bed with even softer blankets and pillows. Oh boy how I wish I could sleep in this hotel even more often than I do already now, haha!

One tip is to also order room service breakfast if you are staying in the summer and enjoying it outside on your balcony in case your room has one!

hotel des balances superior room
hotel des balances lucerne room

Nothing tops a good hotel breakfast!

This might sound tragic, but as someone who spends a big portion of her life travelling and staying in hotels. While I wouldn’t change a thing, I must admit I’ve become tired of hotel breakfasts. Yes I know, the one thing most look forward to on holidays. But you see, to me the idea of a hotel breakfast is a busy queue and endless buffet tables. Ain’t nobody got time for such hassle first thing in the morning. If I may choose, I’d rather sip a cappuccino in my pyjama.

For the above reason, the first time I stayed at Hotel Des Balances Lucerne I decided to order my breakfast in the room. The next day I felt like I had enough energy to enjoy my breakfast downstairs with everyone else. I’m happy to tell you the breakfast is never too busy nor is the buffet too over the top.

There are two tables of good quality options from fresh bread to tiny tapas like meats, cheese and vegetables. Then there are many kinds of juices, yoghurt, even champagne and a chocolate fountain. You can also order things like omelettes and special coffees.

The service at the breakfast has always been okay, but not exceptional.

During summer, you can also enjoy breakfast on the terrace with the amazing view of Lucerne and its mountains and lake.

hotel des balances balcony summer
hotel des balances lucerne breakfast

Magic is in the detail – Hotel Des Balances knows how to master service and attention to detail

As someone who has studied Hotel Management and worked in customer service many years ago, nothing stands out to me more than good service and attention to detail. Aside of the amazing views, Hotel Des Balances Lucerne has impressed me with their quality service. It is still pretty modest in the Swiss way and not the kind of service you may expect at a five star hotel somewhere like Bangkok!

One thing that makes the experience special is that everytime I have been in my room during the early evening hours. Two members of the staff have come and check if everything is alright and offered me a bit of chocolate branded with the hotel name to enjoy. If I hadn’t been in the room, there has always been a turn down service and the chocolate has been left waiting on my bed as a little treat after dinner.

Restaurant Balances – a mix of French and Mediterranean kitchen

Downstairs of the hotel you will find Restaurant Balances serving both lunch and dinner. I haven’t personally dined in the restaurant but have heard many good things about their great chef and the art of combining French and Mediterranean cuisine. I have only been to the restaurant for drinks myself!

But feel free to read more about Restaurant Balances here.

Oh Hotel Des Balances Lucerne, thank you again for another lovely stay! Cannot wait to be back again!

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