Hotel recommendation for Helsinki: Lapland Hotels Bulevardi

5 toukokuun, 2019

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Lapland Hotels Bulevardi  opened its doors in the heart of Helsinki in February 2019. As soon as you step through the doors, you are welcomed by the spirit of Lapland, which you perhaps didn’t even know you’d miss in the city center of our capital Helsinki. The first thing that stands out in this hotel is the elegant and stylish way in which Lapland has been brought into the centre of a busy city. The lobby is not full of traditional Sami headgear (“the cap of four winds”), but the wonderful tradition of gold panning and Finnish design with reindeer hides are showcased instead. Lapland Hotels is a quality Finnish hotel chain with hotels in Lapland and now in larger cities in Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, and Kuopio.

In Helsinki, the rooms are decorated with reindeer antlers, quality beds, and a soft wool shawl. Many customers compliment the beds, which have been specifically designed for this hotel and adjust to the body of each person sleeping in them – for some reason I felt these beds were not so comfortable for my taste, but I think I am an exception to the rule. Otherwise, the whole hotel experience in Lapland Hotels Bulevardi honestly exceeded all my expectations.

I spent a relaxing weekend staycation in Helsinki Lapland Hotels Bulevardi with my friend Kathrin. Read her review of Lapland Hotels Bulevardi here.

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The perfect hotel stay: Arctic Deluxe Spa

Lapland Hotels Bulevardi has altogether 182 rooms and as many as 102 saunas. The hotel has less standard rooms and more premium room types, many of which have their own sauna for the guests.

We stayed at the 38 square metres Arctic Deluxe Spa -room. The most impressive thing about the room in addition to the decoration was the huge bathroom with a big bathtub and its own modern sauna. The bathroom is separated from the rest of the room with a glass wall, but you can also close the curtains if you want more privacy.

Arctic Deluxe Spa is a Junior Suite level room, which focuses on spa elements and relaxation – the perfect hotel stay! The bathtub is very spacious and perfect for enjoying the scents of the Nordic coniferous forests of the bubbles and a glass of prosecco while listening to the mystical calming sounds of Sami music on the background as the sauna is already warm and waiting. Arctic Deluxe Spa room was exactly the right room for a staycation in my own home city. We bought a Lumene facial treatment package from the reception and enjoyed the treatment in the room after dinner.

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Other upscale rooms in the Lapland Hotels Bulevardi

Lapland Hotels Bulevardi has divided its rooms into eight different classes, which are all upscale; Arctic Deluxe, Mystique Deluxe Sauna, Mystique Deluxe Balcony, Northern Comfort, Arctic Deluxe Spa, Lapland Suite, Arctic Penthouse Junior Suite, and the gorgeous Lapland Penthouse Suite.

Even though I have only stayed in the Arctic Deluxe Spa room, the hotel manager showed me some of the other rooms, and I took some photos, which you can see below. All of the rooms are over 30 square metres in size, so even the smallest of them have plenty of space.

Some of the rooms have their own balconies in addition to a sauna or a roof terrace facing Bulevardi. The suites are decorated with wonderful Finnish art. As I was checking in, I heard the reception offer an affordable upgrade to the next class of a deluxe room to the person before me in the queue – I think it is often worth spending twenty euros more to get an upgrade in most hotels. The only thing I would have missed from the Arctic Deluxe room in this hotel would have been the bathtub.

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Kultá Kitchen & Bar – Nordic specialities and local produce

We enjoyed a delicious five-course dinner with a surprise menu in the Kultá –restaurant in the hotel at the street level. I didn’t have any expectations for the restaurant beforehand, but after the dinner, I thought I should definitely dine here in the future, especially when friends from abroad are visiting Finland. Often you only remember hotel restaurants when you’re staying at the hotel, even though you could just as well dine or have lunch there any time.

The tastes in the menu are those of the Nordic nature and its delicious game. Ingredients include reindeer, mushrooms, lichen, birch leaves and berries. The portion sizes in the five-course surprise menu are quite small, but because there are more than one, it doesn’t leave you hungry. The surprise menu takes into account possible dietary restrictions, although we did not have any.

I don’t want to spoil the surprises by telling you everything on the menu, but it was the first time that I tasted, for example, willow grouse and spruce sprouts. The only thing that wasn’t to my taste was the dessert, but my friend enjoyed it for both of us.

In addition to food, there are unique cocktails available that have been prepared with Nordic tastes – instead of a traditional Bloody Mary, you can indulge in a Bloody Reindeer. As a friend of whiskey and to celebrate my birthday, I had a drink called Spirits of Rusty Nail, which contained whiskey and dried cranberry.

The price of the surprise menu is 69 euros and you can add a wine menu to accompany it for 62 euro per person.

Kultá serves lunch, and of course, you can choose dinner from their regular menu if you don’t like surprises.

Read more about the restaurant here.

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From reindeer omelette to cloudberry jam – a hotel breakfast with genuine Lappish tastes

During the last couple of years, I have spent as much time at home as in hotels around the world, and I’ve come to realise that the hotel breakfast if anything loses its glamour over time. Often if I think about a hotel breakfast, I am reminded of industrial scrambled eggs, dry toast and continuous queuing with my eyes still half closed and that’s exactly why I often prefer to order breakfast to my room or find a local café to test if I’m in a new city instead.

At Lapland Hotels Bulevardi I nevertheless decided to drag myself to breakfast with others, and I wasn’t disappointed. At the moment, the trend is clearly shifting from overflowing breakfast buffets to quality local taste experiences. The hotel breakfast consisted of for example reindeer omelette, cloudberry jam, Lappish berry powders, and tiny cute cinnamon buns. In addition, next to the fresh juices was a line of different smoothies from sea-buckthorn to spruce sprouts. And of course, there was also the Finnish reindeer blood sausage on offer!

Breakfasts are often busy in hotels of this size, but we were able to enjoy a quiet breakfast on a Sunday at 9 am.

lapland hotels breakfastlapland hotels bulevardi breakfast

Other services and facilities in the hotel

If you are staying in a room with a bathtub, have a look at the spa experience packages that you can buy when booking. The packages have been designed together with Lumene. They have a couple of skincare products, and most of them also contain a massage stone for the sauna or a similar specialty product. I’m not sure if the packages are worth the price, but on the other hand, they do add a bit of luxury to your stay to.

The hotel also offers meeting and event packages, but I have no further experience of these. Lapland Hotels Bulevardi provides a variety of walking tours for tourists throughout the year from guided Nordic walking to paddling in Nuuksio. Read more about the outdoor activities here.


I can definitely recommend Lapland Hotels Bulevardi if you are looking for a place to stay in Helsinki!