9 x unforgettable moments in Kassandra, Greece

10 lokakuun, 2017

*Press trip by: Municipality of Kassandra

On a rainy autumn Monday like this, my mind keeps travelling back under the Greek sun. Back to Kassandra in Halkidiki. If I could only go back, just for a day. Hopefully going through these photos and eating some feta cheese for dinner shall be the remedy I need for tonight.

1.Sunset and dinner at Kappa Resort

After a perfect day sailing along the coast of Kassandra, it was time for a delicious dinner at the luxurious Kappa Resort. Kappa Resort is located on top of Toroneos Bay and it makes a perfect five start hideaway in the peaceful nature. The staff at the resort were extremely kind and the food perhaps the most delicious from this trip. After dinner, we spotted a little terrace on the roof to admire the sunset with a glass of Chardonnay – the perfect ending to a perfect day.





2. Dancing among the olive trees

For the first days, I and my photographer Rania stayed at a resort a bit further away from everyone else, which meant a little extra time in the car – lucky we had the best driver, Rita, and lucky Kassandra offers some breathtaking views from the car window. During our drives, we would always stop at some of the most photogenic places such as these olive trees below.



Bag: BEdesign




3. Mr. Snuggles & other cat friends

Lucky my photographer Rania is even a crazier cat lady than I am, so we made friends with all the furry things along the way. We also clearly named them all. Mr. Snuggles became such a darling that we wanted to bring him home, but I think he preferred life under the sunshine. I’ve always made friends with all the stray cats and dogs I meet along the way on my travels and never bother to worry about what some of them may carry – because come on, they are cute. And yes, after the events earlier this year, I’ve actually become a tad more careful with stray dogs…



4. Sailing along the coast of Kassandra

I already wrote a little post about our day sailing, which you can find here  – but the experience was so unforgettable, it deserves a spot here too. We spent the day sailing on an old big wooden boat with some local tourism professionals and dancing to some great folk tunes on the back deck. My face may have reminded the color of a cooked lobster, but it was definitely worth the pain.





5. Lunch at Sani Dunes resort

If you are thinking about a perfect summer holiday with nothing but relaxing on your agenda, I couldn’t recommend Sani Dunes enough. The adult-friendly resort offers delicious food, great cocktails (at some point I was drinking two at once, don’t tell anyone), and a bunch of wellness treatments. The pool and the blue ocean right next to the resort made me want to stay. We enjoyed a buffet lunch at the resort. I’m rarely a fan of the buffet lunch, but over at Sani Dunes, all the meal options seemed to be of great quality! Full yum yum points for that!





6. The people we met along the way

As I landed at Thessaloniki airport, I wasn’t all that impressed by Greek hospitality yet, but luckily that changed the moment I got to Kassandra. I don’t remember meeting people this kind and warmhearted. Everyone we crossed paths with is now a dear friend. It’s rare to get to know the organisers of press trips and such as well as we did on this trip. I’ll never forget our driver Rita who we had long talks about life with and the moments we sang ABBA in the middle of the night on the road. Or dancing to some Greek folk beats with dear Maria. Or the other Maria who gave me her hat as a present to take home. And what made it all more special was sharing the experience with my dear travel blogging friends.




7. Morning coffee by the sea

On our first day, we toured the island admiring everything between the beautiful nature and the old Greek history. From the god of wine and sex (ok, grape harvest and fertility to put it in a fancy way – just sounds like my kind of god) to the enchanting blue sea. While we were Instagramming every bit of the surrounding sea, Rita brought us ice lattes which we got to enjoy by the sea. Just the perfect way to start a day. Oh and also, while the first below photo might look like a pleasant moment – in reality, I was sitting in a painful thorn bush without knowing and had both my hands bleeding as I tried to get up. The things we bloggers do for the gram sometimes!






8. Lunch at Pohoda

As we drove from Thessanoliki to Kassandra, we stopped at Pohoda for lunch. Pohoda is a super trendy and cozy restaurant right at the beach. The place is so fabulous we just happened to crash a Swedish wedding while eating – this is definitely the ideal location for a destination wedding! I tried hard to find myself a husband over the weekend, so we could have celebrated my wedding on Monday…Sadly no luck this time!



9. Morning by the sea at Ammon Zeus Hotel

On our last night, we short of crashed our Swedish colleague’s fabulous hotel, Ammon Zeus. As I was lucky enough to have my flight in the late afternoon the next day, I got to spend a perfectly relaxing beach day when everyone else left back home in the morning. So I took my laptop to the beach, replied to some emails over coffee and spent the next hours just swimming in the sea before heading home and directly to Iceland.



Photographs (except for Pohoda & Ammon Zeus) Ⓒ Rania Rönntoft / Northbound Journeys