Sailing along the coast of Kassandra

25 syyskuun, 2017

*Press trip: Municipality of Kassandra

You somehow feel more alive with the heat of the Greek sun on your skin and the wind in your hair while sailing on an old wooden boat, standing right on the edge of the front deck, nothing but the clear blue ocean ahead. Even though I resembled a lobster after our day on the sea and even if my skin is still peeling off like that of a snake, sailing in Kassandra was one of the most unforgettable experiences of the year.






My dear photographer Rania, Northbound Journeys


Blogger colleague Peter, Freedomtravel


Blogger colleague Christian, Matochresebloggen


Located on the Halkidiki peninsula, Kassandra is the best kept Greek secret. September here is peaceful as tourists have already left home and back to their jobs, so all we are surrounded by is the untouched magnificent nature and some great restaurants and wine bars. There’s still nightlife for those who are looking for it as Kassandra truly seemed to offer something for everyone.

We were invited to explore Kassandra by the Municipality of Kassandra and we fell so head over heels with the place that we are already planning to return next spring with my Swedish blogging colleagues.

But today, I wanted to just share with you a simple photo diary from our sailing day – stay tuned for a more detailed post on the destination itself with tons of tips on where to go and what to do!






This was my first actual trip to Greece, the closest I’ve traveled before has been Crete Island and Cyprus. Greece was everything I expected and more – friendly people, ridiculously delicious feta cheese, and sea so clear I could stare at it for the rest of my days.

For our boat day, a bunch of local hoteliers and tourism professionals joined us so we could all mingle and get to know each other. The only issue is that if you put me on a sailing boat, I have a tendency to glue myself to the front and get stuck in my own thoughts and the amazing view – making it harder to mingle, haha. There’s just something about the waves of the ocean that take all my focus.

Sure I managed to fit in some time for dancing to the beat of old Greek folk songs on the back deck too. And while I danced, drunk on life and that fresh cold mojito, I spotted a lady next to me with a top stating ‘to travel is to escape for a while’ and I couldn’t help but smile. That’s exactly how I feel this September.





All photographs are Ⓒ Rania Rönntoft / Northbound Journeys

Here’s a little video from our trip in Kassandra, by the marvelous Peter from Freedomtravel:


Oh god, these photos are amazing! It looks a lot like Greece and you look fab. You always look fab though but bringing Rania seems like a good idea indeed!!! 🙂 :*