How I make a living travelling the world

19 syyskuun, 2016


As I was filling in the arrival card while sitting on a plane about to land to Ho Chi Minh City, I wasn’t really sure what to write in the ‘profession’ section. I mean, what am I? A travel blogger? Does that count as a job? Entrepreneur? Would that be better? What is it exactly that I do? If even I can’t explain it, no wonder my grandmother still thinks I’m a flight attendant.

So what is it exactly that I do? How does my job allow me to travel the world this much?

Well before I’ll let you in on that, let me briefly explain how I got here.

I first got into travel by studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism in Haaga-Helia, Porvoo Campus, from where I graduated in spring 2014. I also did part of my studies in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. During studies, I worked at Helsinki Airport in security, check-in and boarding gates. I was also writing my blog actively during studies. After graduation, I was hired as a marketing manager for a travel startup CreateTrips. Then from this spring on, I became a fulltime whatever you want to call it. Blogger. Social media consultant. Writer. Freelancer. Lecturer. Wizard.

So how is it exactly that I make a living travelling the world?


1.Helping businesses with their social media

After years of managing social media for the blog, and for CreateTrips, I became somewhat a social media guru, especially on Instagram. Now I have 4 social media clients who I’ve created a strategy for and now manage their social media accounts on daily / weekly basis.

I also specialise in influencer marketing and help brands to run successful influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram.

2. Public speaking

I find myself to be somewhat a natural speaker these days and ended up doing lectures in tourism schools right after graduating from one. Next week, I will have a lecture on Storytelling in Tourism Marketing for some tourism students. Other topics I cover are Airport Management, all things social media and tourism marketing.

And these days it’s not only schools I speak in, the other week I was speaking about Instagram in travel marketing in Vietnam.

3. Social media workshops for brands

On the side of running social media accounts and creating strategies, I also do half day workshops for brands to teach them all there is to know about social media marketing. Most of my clients have been hotels for now, which I find really exciting! After the workshop, I usually monitor their social media success for 3 months to ensure it wasn’t a waste of money.

4. Travel blogging

While this blog is often an important part of my income, it varies every month – like a lot. Haha. Most of the income in the blog comes through some sponsored posts, but mainly through campaigns with tourism boards. Next, I will be heading to Italy, and am paid to write about my experience (always, my honest experience – my opinion cannot be bought).

I also have some advertising on the blog from Suomen Blogimedia, but that is only a tiny fraction of my income.

5. Writing articles and translating texts

I have a few clients I write for about travel to their online publications in Finnish and in English. I also help brands to translate content from Finnish to English and am for example ghostwriting a book.

6. Organising and hosting blog trips

Coming from a background of tourism, blogging, and PR, I believe I know how to organise a successful blog trip. I’ve partnered up with the fabulous Inna, from Innastus, and together we help visit organisations to host bloggers at their destinations.


My life as a full-time freelancer started wilder than I ever could have hoped for. For now, I have work planned until the end of February, which is not too bad for a beginner. From February on, I, of course, hope to continue in the same field of work, but also hope to have managed to write an e-book and to have created an e-course!

Being my own boss has thought me to take life as it comes, day by day. At first, I was terribly afraid of losing it all in one day. At times it felt too good to be true, and I was sure someone would take it all away from me. But today, I’ve learned to make the most of the freedom I’m blessed with, and if I ever have to return back to a normal day job, at least I’ll do it with some amazing memories and experiences.

The rest of the year, I will be spending in Chiang Mai, focusing on a bigger writing project. Then I return to Finland for Nordic Bloggers’ Experience. And then, let’s see where the wind blows.


Are you a digital nomad? Or a travel blogger? Or dreaming of turning it all into a business?


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incredible. it is also my dream

Thank you for sharing all these insights. Its truly amazing what you have achieved! I am absolutely dreaming of turning my own blog/passion into a business that allows me to do what I love for a living. But it is tough and hard work, and what I found hardest is to actually generate income, as so far most tourist boards were not willing to pay for the content, but just cover travel expenses. But seeing what you have achieved, makes me want to work harder for this dream, and hopefully in a few years from now I can embark on the self-employment journey.;) So thanks for being an inspiration!

You are making your dream life a reality, Veera. I admire that! As for the profession… luckily I am old enough that I can just put “Retired,” even though I’m not!

Thank you dear for your always kind words <3 And haha, that's an easy one then hey 😀

Inspiring! You seem to have a fun job doing all these kind of different stuff within the fields that you are so passionate about! 🙂 Do you ever find it hard to plan/coordinate the different taks? Would be interesting to hear more about this and how you plan/do your work. Like do you have set times for the different jobs or are you very spontaneous about it?

I sure love it <3 And planning and coordinating is definitely the hardest part of it all, I should try to build a better system for it to be honest - perhaps I'll get on it and write a post about that too 🙂 In general, I kind of work all day, but take longer breaks to meet friends for lunch etc. I am always a bit too spontaneous 😀