Well hello there! Greetings under the warm Maltese sun! Some of you have been asking me what am I doing here & what type of campaign I’m involved with – but guess what? I’m just hanging out! Because why not? One of my dearest friends live here, so I love to come visit her when I can. I am working all week, but so is she, so it’s a perfect match! And I

I am working all week, but so is she, so it’s a perfect match! And I think this should become a yearly tradition – at least I’ve been here now twice this year!

And I don’t have a base in Helsinki anymore, so why wouldn’t I be here?


So as my friend left to the office this morning, I went to enjoy breakfast at my favorite place just around the corner, Pash the healthy option. I had a lovely greek yogurt parfait with granola and an avocado toast while scheduling some social media posts for the week for my clients.

After breakfast, I fixed myself an internet connection so I can actually work all week. Once I got my Vodafone 4G happening, I got back to the house, as it happens to have a rooftop terrace with a breathtaking seaview – so I could not dream of a better office!

Then later in the evening as my friend got home, I cooked us dinner and got us some local wines to taste!


So, I am not planning on doing much of sightseeing on this trip, but to rather focus on business and on having some time for myself. I am planning to spend tomorrow exactly like I spent today, though I might get a smoothie from my other favorite, Dr Juice at some point in the day!

But now I am off to sleep! Let me know how you like these diary entries on the blog!