The best thing about Malta on the side of endless happy hours and fun friends is the variety of healthy food places and smoothie bars. I did my best to test a few during my time in Malta to give you some good tips! I’m heading back again in October, so expect a full review of all smoothie spots on the island!


1. Pash the healthy option

Malta surprised me with its green smoothie options around soooo many restaurants. Right next to our house was Pash the healthy option, where I went for a smoothie almost every morning. On one of the days I also enjoyed lunch at Pash, which was couscous with plum jam, macadamia nuts and roasted peaches. Pash also serves your usual wraps and sandwiches, but one dish I woul have liked to try for sure was chlorella pasta – next time.


2. Dr. Juice

Dr. Juice I’ve already mentioned before, but I’ll mention and it again and again. I think I stopped by at last twice a day. Dr. Juice just happens to serve the most delicious green smoothies in town, oh and yes, there were some yummy fruit smoothies too but I’m more of a vegetable juice kind of girl. Dr. Juice also serves detox packages of smoothies, soups, and salads in case you’ve had too many Pina Coladas and pizzas on your holiday.


3. Wagamama

Wagamama is my absolute favourite chain restaurant around the world. I think I first found their magical noodle soups in London and have been hooked ever since. It’s not exactly a healthy food restaurant, but an Asian one with a lot of Japanese options. But, Wagamama also comes with a great selection of raw juice! I gulped down a glass of apple and celery while my friends were enjoying wine.



4. Pure Juice & Health Bar

The founders of Pure were worried about the lack of healthy food options on the island of Malta and decided to start a juice bar Pure Juice & Health Bar, located in the neighbourhood of Sliema in Malta. On top of healthy vegetable juice, Pure also serves healthy food and small snacks.


I’m heading back to Malta in October & will test more healthy food places!