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huhti, 11, 2017

I spent part of last week in Milan with my Swedish travel blogging colleague & friend Towe, from Come Fly With Me. We were invited to take part in BIT travel expo, which takes places in Milan each year. I will tell you more about the travel fair on the next post, as now I just needed a little break from all the other work to get my thoughts back to sunny Milan for a while!

So last Saturday I flew to Milan via Munich with Lufthansa & Air Dolomiti. The only plan for our first day was really to just enjoy pizza, wine and sunshine – which was just what I needed!




The last time I was in Milan was like five or six years ago during my Tourism studies and the city left a fabulous impression. I always hear so many people complaining about Milan, and I never understood why – it’s definitely my favourite city in Italy! But it’s the kind of city where you just really need to know where you go!

I mean, while I adore Milan, it’s also a city where I’ve had two of the worst pasta dishes ever in my life. Once I had a pasta that tasted like washing powder & next, a pasta that sort of smelled like rotten eggs. But Milan is definitely a marvellous culinary destination – as long as you know where you go. So before entering a restaurant, don’t forget to check its ratings on TripAdvisor! I mean, I guess that kind of goes for everywhere!




This trip was yet again one of those missions to try out all the avocado toasts and trendy cafes in the city. And oh boy did I succeed! But you will need to wait for the next post for more dirty details about all the groovy cafes!

But the best cafes in Milan, to be honest, are still those older local bakeries on street corners where you can just order a basic cappuccino and a croissant to enjoy outside and watch people walk by.

These couple of days in Milan were just what I needed – a little bit of business at BIT, with enough time to enjoy wine and carbs over good gossip and laughs with my friend. The perfect spring getaway!




Anyway, now I’m back to other businesses before I go to bed! Expect more Milan & New York tips in the next days over here! Oh, and also, it’s only a couple more weeks until a trip home to Australia!



*We were invited to Milan as guests of BIT travel expo, but all the opinions & most of the itinerary are still my own – as always! 

Veera Bianca

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