Oh hey! Been too long, oh my. The year 2017 has been pretty crazy & lately there simply hasn’t been enough time for this dearest space on the internet. And that will probably be the case for at least a couple more weeks – but I would have so many New York stories to share!

Before we get to that, I wanted to just write a short hey-I’m-alive post just to say hey hi hello to you guys!

My little PR/Social media/Travel business is going wilder than I ever dreamed, so it’s kept me busy the past months. I’ve been on the road a lot lately too, even so much that I had to cut down on some trips to stay sane – positive issue though I guess.


I spent last week suffering a terrible flu & fever, which I got on my last day in New York (note: landing in a flu is the worst thing I know). And speaking of New York, it was about time I visited USA for the first time! So much of my blog and other work has taken me to Asia and Australia, so I just never ended up in New York before finally getting invited invited on a press trip two weeks ago with Icelandair and NYCgo.

I’ve got so many posts to write about my trip in New York, but those have to wait for now! Stay tuned for some great cafe and breakfast spot tips my darlings, especially for Manhattan and Brooklyn! Also, I totally fell in love with Brooklyn – that might just be where I was always meant to live. I’d have a bagel each morning, walk around in a cool hat and a cappuccino while walking my little puppy (I’d so have a little puppy) around the shore while admiring the Manhattan skyline.

These photos from Brooklyn Bridge are snapped by my blogging flight attendant friend Karoliina, with whom we had to have a breakfast date here as we never seem to be in Finland at the same time! But this was definitely the best breakfast date this year!




New York was exactly what I expected, which felt funny really. It was like I had been there many times before but in a good way. I felt right at home the minute we landed. I spent my few days in the city exploring Manhattan, Queens & Brooklyn – and enjoyed every second of it all! And now I cannot wait to return to NYC with my friends on a holiday in August!

Anyway, now I need to get some sleep as the week will continue being busy with two big presentations for hotels, a lot of meetings with clients and a couple of press releases to write! Then by Saturday, I should also be on a plane heading to Milan!

So, nighty night now!