*In collaboration: Nordic Travel Bloggers & Garda Trentino

Oh Italy, it’s been a while!

The sun has set on my last night in Malta & my little suitcase is packed again, ready to hit the road tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be heading to Helsinki for one day for some meetings and to attend a gala dinner by Qatar Airways on Tuesday evening. Then the next morning, I’ll head out to the airport again for the next exciting adventure. On Wednesday morning, I shall be heading to Lake Garda with some travel blogging colleagues for the rest of the week.

So, my plan for tomorrow is to start the day at my friend’s rooftop terrace over here in Malta & get some more work done before Italy. Then I might have lunch at my favorite Pash the healthy option before jumping on the taxi to the airport.


After a busy day in Helsinki, I will fly to Milan via Stockholm. Then I’m meeting up with my blogging colleagues as we head out to Lake Garda to get to enjoy the local cuisine and some outdoor activities at Riva Del Garda. And yes, you might already know that I’m not a huge fan of hiking, but in a place like this, it might just be worth the view – you’ll find out later on Instagram

And to be completely honest with you – obviously, my only goal for Lake Garda is to meet George Clooney, as the rumor has it he spends a lot of time there. And George Clooney is #bae.

Besides stalking Clooney, hiking on some mountains and enjoying local cuisine, we will also be biking, SUPing & treating ourselves to some nice spa treatments along the way.


Our trip to Italy is in partnership with Nordic Travel Bloggers Collective and Garda Trentino. You can follow our adventure with the hashtag #atLakeGarda all around the wonderful world of social media. I shall also do my best to update this blog along the way!