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It took me years to learn to appreciate my home country. It took me many adventures and living abroad to see the beauty right in front of me. But now as I look around me, I see the most breathtaking nature. I taste the world’s most delicious food cooked out of the freshest ingredients. I feel the warmth of the people, though it may take a little longer to get to know them. I appreciate the countless of privileges that come with being a Finn. I get to study for free. I get to drink clean water and breath fresh air.

The way I learned to see the marvellousness that is Finland was through the eyes of foreigners I’ve met. Through Nordic Bloggers’ Experience campaign that took me to wander out in the Finnish nature and to see it like I’d only seen it for the first time. I get to admire the reactions of my fellow bloggers as we go ice fishing in the archipelago or swim in the frozen sea. I get to drink wine in a jacuzzi under the clearest night sky. To meditate in Nuuksio. The list is never ending.

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This time, Nordic Bloggers’ Experience took me to the Turku Archipelago with a few other bloggers. We started our adventure by visiting Stentorps sheep farm and did a little ice fishing, ate fish soup and got to HUG ALL THE CUTE SHEEP! Cuteness overload was so much to handle that I could not snap any photos. Later we had dinner, which made me love the archipelago cuisine more than any other cuisine in the world.

Next day we did a little exploring of the Finnish forest – but turns out Ugg Boots are just not the boots to wear when you are out and about in the nature. Luckily we had an experienced local lady and a strong Swedish man to carry me trough the icy forest. #besthostbloggerever

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After skating around the trees with my Ugg Boots, it was time to head back to Turku. On the way we stopped at a Salvador Dali exhibition in Pargas. Mr Dali shall forever be my favourite artist of his kind.

In Turku, I was back at my comfort zone – beer tasting and fine dining (that’s OK to admit, right?).

In collaboration with Visit Turku & Nordic Bloggers’ Experience!


Aaah just tätä kokemusta itsekin odottaisin! Omaan kotimaahan tutustuminen uudelta kannalta! Ihana kirjoitus, Veera!