My favourite travel camera gear

31 heinäkuun, 2018

*In collaboration with: Olympus

I’ve been blogging for 10 years now, so photography has always been a big part of my life but only this year I decided to actually spend some money to get myself a proper education in the field. So I am very excited to say I will be graduating as a photographer by the end of the year – woop!

As my studies began, I splurged and spent a ton of money on a heavy DSLR gear that weighs around 10 kg – not so pleasant to hike around mountains with. So I’ve already come back to my tiny little Olympus mirrorless camera, which gives me the same high quality as an end result.

I participated in TBEX travel blogging conference last week in Ostrava, Czech Republic and I decided to focus on attending all the talks focusing on photography. Most of the speakers confirmed I made a good decision to get back to travelling with small camera gear. These days the technology is so advanced we just don’t necessarily need the most heavy duty gear to capture magical moments from the road.

These days most of the questions I receive from my readers are all about photography, so it’s about t ime to share my favourite camera and lens for travel.

So without further ado;

My favourite travel camera: Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III

My first ever travel camera was also an Olympus, but mainly because it was cute and pink – which are totally legit reasons for choosing the right camera gear. I still remember my first solo trip with it in Switzerland and how I set the camera on a trash can and ran in front of it to pose with my travel hat – doing it for the gram, before the gram. Nothing’s changed since 2005.

During the years of blogging, I’ve used a few Canon and Nikon cameras along the way and have nothing to complain, but I always go back to Olympus and that’s why I am so happy to be their brand ambassador this year. I purchased the Olympus PEN e-lp7 two years ago when I was living in Thailand and it changed my photography game. Something clicked and I feel like my content found it’s style thanks to this little pretty thing.

This year I upgraded to the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III (who names cameras? I can’t keep up with these).

The photos of this post are taken both either with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III or my good old Olympus PEN e-lp7, but all with the same lens that I’m obsessed with.

I’ve noticed these cameras make photos cripsy and sharp in all conditions. On the new one the camera has an easy touch-screen and when I’m lazy and use automatic settings, the results are still usually of high quality. Actually, I recommend to try the ‘P’ setting on your camera, which gives you power over the exposure of your photo but you don’t need to understand the appertures and depth of field kind of things.

Both cameras are also great for video, I’ve just become really lazy making any.

What I loved the most as a solo traveller is that the camera has a wifi and I can use my phone as a remote control to take photos of myself having the camera on a tripod. I can also use the Olympus app to directly transfer the photos to my phone and post on Instgram.

The one lens I use for everything: 25mm f1.8

The day I purchased the Olympus 25mm f1.8 lens, I’ve mainly used that for everything. Sometimes I drag the 12mm or 17mm along, but rarely find myself using them. If you are used to using full frame DSLR:s, the 25mm is same as  your 50mm.

25mm is a little narrow for capturing big landscape, but once you get accustomed to it, all things work one way or another. Most of the photos you see on my blog and Instagram feed are with this lens.

Surely tha camera comes with its kit lens which is good enough for most bloggers and Instagrammers, but there is still a big difference in upgrading to other lenses the brand has to offer.

Instead of filling this post with photos of the camera, I’ve just added photos taken with that lens – each and every snap!

This lens was a game changer to me and the big kick for me to start doing photos professionally. And also my fave travel buddy.

Olympus also offers Pro lenses, which I haven’t yet tried but hopefully can on my next adventure!