7 best experiences in Prague

maalis, 13, 2017

I visited Prague a couple weeks back on a press trip organized by the Czech Tourism Board to explore the trendier areas and local design. It only took a couple of hours for me to be completely charmed by the city – Prague must be the Europe they write fairy tales about. The Paris all the Americans dream of.

But history and charm aside, Prague surprised me with its trendiness, and a look into local design and hipster neighborhoods gave me perspective. And I did way more shopping than I expected – oopsie.

1.Flights: Czech Airlines

From my hometown Helsinki, Prague is only a two-hour flight away. My flight was with Czech Airlines, which flies between the two cities daily. Czech Airlines also flies daily from pretty much all over Europe. Chech out their route map here.


2. Best vegetarian restaurant: Plevel

Prague is bursting with this fabulous new foodie culture and its trendy vegetarian and vegan restaurants, such as Plevel. Plevel is located on the hipster area of Vrsovice, which is popular among the younger crowd of local students and backpacking tourists. We enjoyed a delicious vegan dinner with my blogging colleague Andy and a lovely lady from the tourism board.

All the food at Plevel is vegan and there is also a separate raw food menu, so I had to try the raw vegan burger and a glass of apple celery juice (was hard not to order wine). Andy enjoyed a curry with rice, which I’d probably recommend more than the raw burger, though!

If you want tips on more vegan restaurants in Prague, check out this Wowanders guide by my travelling friend Evelina.



3. Best city tour: Prague with Kristian

In general, I’m not a big fan of guided tours, but every once in a while a tour manages to amaze me – and such was our tour exploring the hidden gems of Prague with Prague with Kristian. I think I can say Kristian is literally one of the best guides there are, if not the very best! Even though our tour was quite long, he still managed to tell us endless interesting stories and to keep us entertained throughout the way.

So if you wish to explore the hidden gems of this beautiful city with someone who knows better, I can strongly recommend getting this charming man to hobble along the journey!







4. Best view over Prague: Old Townhall

Prague is the Europe they write fairy tales about. You can feel the history and its stories present wherever you are wandering along the old buildings. The Old Town is one of the most charming ones I’ve seen, and it’s worth looking at also from above.

We purchased tickets to get up to the clock tower in The Old Townhall, which happens to offer the most breathtaking view over the city of Prague. Get outside and snap a few photos!





5. Best cappuccino: EMA espresso bar

Then let’s get into priorities – coffee that is. Our trip in Prague started off easy, so we had some time with my blogging colleague Sofia to get to a cafe after breakfast to catch up on some emails. We heard great things about EMA espresso bar and turns out it wasn’t for nothing (there was no wi-fi though).

EMA espresso bar is serious about coffee. All the baristas are super professionals and you can see their passion towards every cup of cappuccino they make. It was enchanting at that Disney magic kind of level.

At EMA espresso bar I also tried the local specialty lemonade, made out of the cherry of a coffee been. I wish they served that everywhere now!




6. Best healthy breakfast: Coffee room.

….And second best cappuccino! Coffee room. is located in the trendy area of Vinohrady and seems to be popular among the younger crowd and some of us digital nomad kinds.

The real reason I had to make a trip to Coffee room. is that I had heard great things about their avocado toast – and quite frankly, avocado toasts are the real genuine reason I travel. And this time I was definitely not left disappointed. Coffee room. has a delicious vegetarian/vegan breakfast menu with not just avo toasts, but also things like green smoothie bowls, which I’m rather fond of but as this was already my second breakfast (as you do) of the day, I couldn’t even finish the delicious toast.

The avocado toast over at Coffee room. was served with cream cheese, sundried tomatoes, arugula, and avocado. Hello party in my mouth.

Find more healthy eating tips here.



7. Best lunch: TV Tower

Prague’s TV Tower has been proudly awarded as the second ugliest building in the whole wide world. And I must say, for a reason too. Among the beautiful old houses, rises a massive grey concrete tower with massive black concrete babies crawling on its sides (?). I think it has a pretty good chance at winning first some day.

But despite the discourteous outlook, Prague looks pretty great from the inside of the TV Tower. And I really don’t recommend going up here just for the view, but for a fabulous lunch or dinner.

Restaurant Oblaca serves some amazing gourmet experiences for lunch and dinner. But I’m such a bad food blogger I’m not even sure what I had, but sweet potato, coconut foam, and octopus were definitely involved and it was the best lunch I’ve had in a while. This is a great restaurant, especially for special occasions!

And remember two things; reserve a table &  don’t miss out on the cocktail menu!




What do you like best about Prague?

13 maaliskuun, 2017

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