Best Brunch in Stockholm – STHLM Brunch Club

18 syyskuun, 2016

sthlm brunch clubbrunssi tukholma sthlm brunch club

Oh Stockholm, Stockholm, Stockholm. You wonderful little home of the most hipster scenes in the Nordics. You trendsetter you. The thing I most love about coming to Stockholm is how the city makes it easy for me to enjoy my Instagrammable acai bowls, avocado toasts & green smoothies for all my meals. As in reality, I prefer having breakfast for lunch & breakfast for dinner. Breakfast is just the most glorious part of each and every day.

But even in Stockholm, there’s one place that tops it all, and that is the all-day-breakfast serving STHLM Brunch Club. I already wanted to stop by earlier this summer, but the place was then unfortunately on summer vacation. Now I visited Stockholm with my blogger colleagues Laura & Jannina as guests of Blog House Stockholm , organised by Visit Sweden – and we finally got to have brunch at the ever-so-tasty STHLM Brunch Club.

As I mentioned earlier, eating out healthy in Stockholm is perhaps the easiest thing out there. The city is filled with delicious vegan superfood salad bars, green smoothies, and the raw food trend is wiping the restaurant scene around the city. Nomsies.

I often wonder if I one day should just move back to Stockholm. And I guess if one day I’ll decide to continue my studies and get myself a master’s degree, Stockholm might just be the city for it. And I’d spend all my money for Sunday brunches – and oh yes, it would most definitely be worth it.

tukholman paras brunssitukholma brunssiacai bowl sthlm brunch club

Talking about price, though, STHLM Brunch Club wasn’t at all as pricey as I expected. Stockholm itself is not really a cheap city for eating out at all, but I didn’t really spend all that much money here even though I pretty much went through the menu.

I ordered an acai bowl, a green smoothie and eggs benedict (STHLM Brunch Club only uses carefully chosen organic eggs from a local farmer) with salmon. My friends ordered some avocado toast, because an Instagrammer just has to, you know. They also serve things like greek yoghurt with granola, pancakes & some crazy dessert shakes I didn’t dare to try.

If I’m not completely wrong, STHLM Brunch Club doesn’t take any reservations. We went in on a weekday morning and had to wait like 2 minutes for a table. But the rumor has it that it can get pretty packed on a Sunday – so have some patience and time as you head to the greatest brunch of your life.


STHLM Brunch Club is located on Dalagatan 24 and is easiest reached by bus from central. The place is not open on Mondays! 

My trip to Stockholm was organised by Visit Sweden &  its concept Blog House Stockholm. Viking Line sponsored our ferry ride & Forenom our apartment in Kungsholmen.