Last summer as I flew to Tokyo, I realised my led had swollen almost double its size. I freaked out a little bit and realised I might be getting older, haha. Well, sure I have a rough background with breaking my spine and flying through a turbulence with that broken spine. After my trip to Tokyo, I visited a chiropractic, Laura Leino over here in Helsinki. After talking with her, she wanted to share some of her tips with you guys on surviving a long-haul flight!

Grounded at the Airport

1. Have a good bag

Avoid random bundles and get a good cabin baggage that is easy to tow around airports. Or put a little extra money into a really good backpack. Also at airports, make use of the free strollers to carry your things around with!

2. Walk in good shoes

Good shoes are perhaps the most important thing and too many of us forget that. Get yourself a good supporting pair of runners with fitting insoles. There’s no running around airport terminals in Louboutines.

Early morning in the airport

3. Warm accessories

Airplanes are usually cold, no matter where in the world you are flying and what time of the year. For a long haul flight, always dress up warm with long trousers, scarf, socks and a long-sleeved shirt. Big scarfs work as blankets when needed!

4. Don’t forget to move

On  a long haul flight, it’s important to keep yourself moving. Get up off your seat every now and then and MOVE. Motion is lotion.

5. Think of flying as a sport

After a hard sports performance, we have to focus on getting hydrated and stretch. Do the same as you arrive in your hotel. Nourish your body after what it has been to.