Manly Beach is a half an hour ferry ride away from Circular Quay. And the ferry ride itself offers great views over Syndey. Manly is a surfer paradise with an easy relaxed vibe. In the morning you can spot many handsome men with their surfboards and pretty ladies getting ready for morning yoga at the beach. You’ll see people walking their dogs and backpackers healing their hangovers in their hotel dorms. Life at Manly looks perfect for an outsider.


The easiest way to reach Manly is by ferry from Circular Quay. Ferries run until midnight. As you arrive in Manly, most of it is easiest explored by foot. If you walk around ‘The Corso’, you’ll end up at the beach eventually. Corso is the mains street of Manly, but most of the good restaurants and cafes are on the smaller alleys next to it.

Manly is not about sightseeing so much, but about enjoying life and taking it easy. Walk around Corso and its several surfing boutiques. Take a stroll on the smaller alleys to find the best lunches, snacks and dinner. Spend a day at the beach and learn to surf. Rent a bike and take a stroll along the coast. Walk up to North Head to admire the view. And if you need more action, you can always go diving with sharks.


I stayed at Manly Backpacker hostel. It’s not the fanciest place to stay, but cheap and at a perfect location. Manly also offers a lot of apartment options, such as Surfside Apartments. But I reccon on my next stay I will book into Novotel or rent an apartment. Find more good options on where to stay from here.

Manly is my favourite place for breakfast! Pancakes, avocado toast, lattes and green smoothies are what this island does best! I would recommend checking out Ground Zero and InSitu! If you want a great dinner, head out to Bella Vista up on North Head