Airline Review: TAP Portugal

2 lokakuun, 2016

*Sponsored by: TAP Portugal


On my trip to Portugal this spring, I finally had the chance to fly with TAP Portugal from Helsinki to Faro, via Lisbon. The flight left Helsinki before 6am, which it does on daily bases on its Airbus A320-100. The flight from Helsinki to Lisbon is just below 5 hours, from where Faro is also pretty well reached by train in 3 hours, but we took the rather scenic 45-minute flight from Lisbon to Faro. On the way there, we flew on an A319, but on the way back we got to have a proper adventure with the good old ATR:

I didn’t really have much of expectations of TAP Portugal, but put it shortly; I enjoyed my flight. 


Delicious breakfast onboard

TAP Portugal is one of those good old flag carriers that still serve a meal on a European flight. And to be honest, the meal we were served on both flights was actually a tad tastier than usual. And what’s more, even Economy passengers are served with proper knives and forks, and not just the usual plastic ones. 

My vegetarian breakfast contained a yogurt, some fruit, bread & an omelet with potatoes. Surely there was also coffee and drinks available. 

A tiny tad more spacious seating

The seats onboard this TAP Portugal A320-100 were unusually comfortable, and I’ve noticed that many times the aircrafts with older interior tend to have wider seating arrangements, which makes a 5-hour flight way more comfortable. Even the ATR has spacious seats, though it’s a tiny tiny little baby plane!

All in all, the flight was good. Nothing particular really stuck to my mind, but all worked as expected and the flight was on schedule. 

Transfer at Lisbon Airport

I enjoyed our transfer at Lisbon Airport and continued eating more breakfast as one does. The airport seemed to have a lot of nice cafés and restaurants, and the best thing was the variety of healthy options which is never a guarantee at an airport!

The only downside to Lisbon Airport is that the wifi is not that great, you need to really make an effort to find a good spot with a working wifi – which we gave up on, and spent our time shopping and drinking green drinks!



So in short, I’d definitely fly TAP Portugal again! 🙂