At home with a travel blogger

17 heinäkuun, 2018

*In partnership with Desenio

Ever since I moved back to Helsinki from Chiang Mai in January 2016 I’ve had requests both on Instagram and the blog to do a post just on my apartment. You’ve surely seen sneaky peaks on Instagram Stories and some posts, but it’s a bout time to share what this little home is all about. I’m never motivated to capture my apartment as the light is really low and there’s almost no natural light that comes in during the day – but thanks to Desenio, I finally managed to get this together to give you a glimpse of where I spend my time when I’m not exploring the world.

I’m addicted to interior design and have actually changed my home a lot in the last year due to the traumatic events that followed adopting a Romanian rescue dog and loosing it in a violent attack in my kitchen – it surprised me how haunted a home can feel after such trauma, but rearranging and purchasing new little things have helped me move on and make it feel safe and comfortable yet again.

But I’m not completely happy with my place, I’d love a new couch and to paint one of the walls and such, but I feel like I’m always ready for the next adventure and as I have no idea if I’m going to stay another day or another year, I don’t want to spend money on furniture. Lucky these new travel posters from Desenio yet again make the whole space a little different.

I even managed o dedicated one tiny corner just for meditation, which I’ve learned to enjoy after the horrific events of the past year – meditation has brought me piece of mind and also helped me make feel at home again.

I live in a 28 square meter studio apartment in Vallila, Helsinki and pay 800 euros of rent per month. Vallila is close enough to the city center, but still on the road to the airport making it the perfect location for me. I was never a fan of the neighbourhood but I’m learning to love it with all these new restaurants and cafes popping up. I’ve lived here for 1,5 years now which is actually a long time in my living history, so remains to be seen how long I’m still going to stay.

In my decor I guess it’s easy to call out my addiction to adventure based on the suitcases laying around and the posters on the wall. I actually just redid one of my walls, which was also published on Desenio Magazine over here. Take a look if you wish to get some of the same ones!

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When I’m not travelling, I also work from home, so it’s important to have a nice working space. Among the busy days, I love those mornings when I have no meetings and can just wake up with the sun and make myself a cappuccino and slowly get to my emails and to do’s of the day. I currently spend about 1/3 of the year travelling and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Oh wow, what a difference from when I last visited you – I love your collage of paintings, this turned out so so well!! I am just about to start working on putting up paintings at our new home, it’s so much fun!

Haha wait until next time, because it’s changing once again! I decided to finish every corner finally and waiting for my pretty new couch <3