My biggest travel dreams

syys, 20, 2015

1. Digital nomad in Chiang Mai

There’s something about Chiang Mai. It’s really pulling me towards it though I’ve never been. Chiang Mai is somewhat the mecca for travel bloggers. I don’t think I will ever stop dreaming about it before I get to spend a couple of months in this tiny little North Thailand city. I would also love to go volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park.

chiang mai Kuva: Davidlohr Bueso

2. Yoga in Ubud

Who hasn’t dreamed of Bali at some point in life? I still haven’t been there myself, but I can hear Ubud calling my name. Non stop. I would spend al my days exploring rice fields, drinking fresh juice and doing yoga.

Des crispy noodles dans un bon restaurant à Ubud (Bali)

3. Safari in Africa

Wow – not all my travel dreams are in Asia! Before I applied to study tourism, I got into a nursing school. The reason I first applied was because I knew I could do my student exchange in Tansania. I mean, priorities.

tansaniaKuva: Sam Hawley

4. Meditation in Jaipur

I spent some time in India a couple years back. When I was in Agra, I absolutely fell in love with the northern part of India. One day I will fly back to Delhi and go explore Rajasthan. I would LOVE to spend a week or two meditating in Jaipur’s meditation centres.

jaipurKuva: Ellen Munro

5. Sheikh Zayed mosque in Abu Dhabi

I’ve only spent 4 hours at Abu Dhabi airport – and that was a real bummer as I was hoping to have at least 5 in order to check out this place! Perhaps next time then!

abu dhabiKuva: Andrew Moore

6. Cocktails Singapore

So far I’ve spent 4 hours in Singapore – at the airport. Again. Woop. Singapore has been in my thoughts forever and it’s a place I’d love to live in. It’s my home away from home where I’ve never been! I feel like I know the city better than I know Helsinki – though I’ve never ever been!


7. Llamas at Machu Picchu

Seriously, llamas are super cute. And seriously, I’ve dreamed of getting up to Machu Picchu forever. I know you can get there by bus but I’d love to get my leg back together in order to hike my way there!

machu picchu

8. Smoothie bars in Los Angeles

Smooooooooothies are my obsession. Seriously. Los Angeles is home to many superfoodly delicious health geek restaurants and I’d really love to visit each and everyone of them.

manly sydney

What’s your biggest travel dream?

Veera Bianca

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