Oh hey hello! So as you can propably see, the blog is a bit of under construction right now due to the endless language struggle I’ve had for the past 4 years. Thanks to TBEX, I have finally come to a conclusion. I will from now on have a www.veerabianca.cm/en on this very blog so you can all join along the journey! Most of the posts are currently only in Finnish, but I promise I’m working extra hard for the next weeks to get it all in order.

But meanwhile, let me update you a bit on my future travel plans for the rest of this year! Knowing me, plans change fast, but this should be how the rest of the year is going to go for me regarding adventures:


I am flying out to Tashkent in Uzbekistan with Traveller (Finnish tour operator) in a couple of weeks. The schedule is a bit hectic, but I am more than excited to discover this destination. We are flying out with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul to Tashkent, and from there with Uzbekistan Airways to the other side of the country. This destination gets the award for the most exotic of 2016!

Tili-Kara Mosque, Registan Square, Samarkand, Uzbekistan


In early September, I am heading to Ho Chi Minh City for ITE HCMC 2016. ITE HCMC is the largest travel conference in the Mekong area, and  I’ve never attended before so I am really looking forward to this trip. Check this video to see what it’s going to be like. I am also really looking forward to all the noodle soup I’ve decided to inhale along the way. 

After a couple of days of business, we are heading to the explore the beaches of Phan Thiet.

Saigon sunsetKuva: Christine McIntosh

3. Malta

I went to Malta already this spring, but I feel like I should go again! One of my dearest friends moved to this fabulous sunny island in the beginning of the year, and we just need to catch up more often than once per year, so. My plans is to spend the week getting a bit of work done, drinking wine and dancing the nights away – and to keep a balance, I will explore all the juice bars and do a little 3-day-detox with Dr. Juice!



I am heading to Lake Garda with some other bloggers for a campaign with NordicTB right after Malta. The plan is to indulge in some fabulous Italian cuisine and explore the outdoors – I have already warned them about my injured spine and kindly volunteered to venture into the world of local wine and cuisine on a deeper level in case there are some activities that I’m not able to do, so a fare deal. 

LimoneKuva: KM_Bell

5. Thailand

Then finally, Chiang Mai. My plans change fast, at some point I was already nearly getting an apartment in Helsinki and staying. Then in Ubud, Bali. But now I’m back to heading to Chiang Mai. I might just buy flights tonight to avoid changing my mind. I’m also considering if I should pamper myself with Qatar Business Class flights, simply because they have a champagne bar onboard Hmm, decisions. After Chiang Mai, I come back to Helsinki for Nordic Blogger’s Experience.


And that’s a wrap – and I’m also hungry and would like to get myself a wrap! 


Oh It takes ages :/ but looking forward to it 🙂 which plug in did you go for?

I used WPML, so far seems to work perfectly – just still a ton of work to get done with the posts!

You busy bee! Loving the bi-lingual option you added! Will you be writing all the posts in both languages from now on?

I say pamper yourself, and let us mere mortals live vicariously through you 😉


Heythere! Yes, will be working on the old posts to have all in English too, will just take a bit of time to get it all in order 🙂