My typical work week home in Helsinki

2 marraskuun, 2017

I’ve been getting several requests to also write about my work life as a blogger and a social media consultant, and not just about all the wonderful destinations I get to explore – which is fair enough, as I also love to see behind the scenes blogposts from the bloggers that I follow. So, this week I’ve tried to carry my tiny little Canon Powershot with me to capture moments of my normal week when I’m just working at home in Helsinki. This week has been very typical, though this kind of a career comes with surprising adventures, such as did this week too.


Slow mornings and nutritious breakfast at home

I’ve become to love mornings, though admittedly sometimes I take them a tad too slow – so I’m definitely not the one to go for a jog at 6 am, that’s definitely not what I mean. What I mean is that I try to get up the minute my phone rings around 7-8am and not stay under covers staring at all things social media. My Personal Trainer Laura has also inspired me to start my mornings with a little gratitude practice, so I start mine with a little 5-minute meditation and think of all the little things I am thankful for. And I must say, it does set me in the right mood for the new day.

You might have also noticed by now that I’m obsessed with breakfast. I often start my mornings at home and then leave the house for meetings or such around midday. My normal breakfast at home would be a nutritious green smoothie bowl or an avocado toast with a poached egg. I usually enjoy a cup of cappuccino or a turmeric latte with oat milk while starting my workday by going through emails.

The best mornings though are brunches with my blogger colleagues, such as this with Malin and Jennifer last week (sorry, the blogpost is in Swedish, but I promise Google Translate will give you a few laughs on this post).



You’ll find me from a cafe all day, every day

Cafes are my favorite offices. I don’t enjoy working from home, so I usually head out the house on most days of the week. I do work from home perhaps on average once per week as I do have a comfortable table and chair for that purpose here – and then there’s the unlimited coffee benefit for working from home. Otherwise, you’ll find me at a cafe around my laptop. These days more and more of my blogger colleagues are turning their blogs into full-time jobs, so it’s become rarer to work alone. Usually, I’ll have Kathrin, Mirka, Jennifer or Malin working away with me.

Sure working from home would be way more budget-friendly than the several special lattes I purchase every single day, but as long as I don’t have to stress about every penny, I’m happy to spend my money on enjoying my life this way. In Helsinki, my favorite cafes for working are Roasberg (best), Roots, Pauligin Kulma, Espresso Houses, Starbucks, Story, and Twist.




Photo: Jennifer Sandström


So what kind of work tasks did I tackle this week?

I’ve got some monthly clients I do social media and Public Relations for, and then some social media and content creation from text to photography. Blog collaborations change a lot, sometimes I’ll have 3 campaigns a month and some months nothing at all!

I started my Monday with a client meeting in the city center where we went through my clients’ social media analytics from the past two months and went through some parts of their influencer marketing plans. After the meeting, I went to a cafe to get some emails and social media updates for clients. And then I finished some blogposts before going to get my hair done.

On Tuesday I met up with a new client, related to space travel, to whom I’ll be doing Instagram starting soon as long as we first get the strategy and all put together. After the meeting, I jumped into a cab to make it on time to my second meeting about a blog campaign that we will be shooting in Stockholm this weekend.

Wednesday started with a healthy breakfast with my dear friend Kathrin at Story. We went through some plans for Nordic Bloggers’ Experience, which we are both working on again. After our breakfast meeting, we stayed at the cafe to work a little bit more. I translated a press release for an airline from Danish to Finnish and then finished my another clients’ new website.

Now it’s Thursday and I’m sitting around the kitchen table finishing this blogpost before heading to the first meeting of the day in a couple of hours. I will jump into a cab to save some time and to be able to continue work for the 20 minutes in the cab – I seriously spend way too much money on cabs these days and there’s no Uber in Finland! After my meeting, I went to get a tan from Vita Liberta Luxury tans to get ready for the shooting in Stockholm over the weekend. I will get home later in the evening but will have to continue work until it’s time for sleep.

Tomorrow I will take the morning easy as I will not have enough time for sleep the next days and I still have to make it on my morning flight to Stockholm on Saturday and manage to look fresh somehow!


What else should I tell? Not sure really, haha! That was pretty much a very typical work week for me when I’m not travelling! And I must say, I’m super happy to live and work in Helsinki, though it’s definitely not the cheapest city for a blogger trying to make a living – but so far so good! 

Also, let me know what other types of posts you wish to read outside of the usual travel!

And meanwhile, here’s a blogpost from earlier this week on how and how much do I make money on Instagram.


Peace! <3 


So fun getting a little behind the scenes and get to know some of your work tasks! I’m currently writing my master thesis, and I’m so bad at getting out of the house, but the truth is I work better from libraries or cafes.
Also – didn’t know you spoke Danish too! That’s cool!

Glad to hear you found them interesting! 🙂 Sometimes you get so used to your daily life that its easy to forget that it may often be the most interesting part of life! 😀

And yes haha getting out of the house can be tricky at times, but definitely worth it 😀