Most of us Finns think we know Stockholm by now. I especially, after living in Stockholm for few months back in 2010, but this time I was surprised. Thanks to Visit Stockholm and  Nordic Bloggers’ Experience – this was an adventure like no other!

1. Abba The Museum

ABBA Museum was much more fun than I expected! I’m a really bad museum-goer on my travels, but this is a place I’d love to visit again! The museum makes you feel like one of the members of ABBA by recording you your own songs and letting you perform live on stage with a hologram band. You also get to keep all of these experiences as memories as they are save into your ticket to download from the interwebs world later. The museum also has a phone where any of the ABBA members can call randomly to ask you you are doing!


2. Hipster life in SoFo

SoFo in Stockholm’s Södermalm is pretty much as hipster as it gets. It’s a fun little area filled with boutiques, small restaurants, and super stylish people. I would really recommend checking out SoFo Night which is organised the third Thursday of each month. SoFo Night means that most boutiques are open until late night and most places serve bubbly drinks!

IMG_1533IMG_1540My favourite shop in Sofo: Cocktail!


3.Walking on rooftops

Oh adrenalin. We went to walk on the rooftops of Stockholm’s old town in a snow storm. This experience was simply way more frightening than I expected it to be. But also madly fun. Stockholm looks incredible beautiful looking down from snowy rooftops.


4. Fotografiska

Oh my – already another museum on my list! What’s going on! But truly, Fotografiska is pretty much my favouritest place in the entire city of Stockholm. The museum also  has a great cafe upstairs and every now and then they organise DJ nights which turn the museum into a fab night club!

IMG_4421Kuva: Metallia Matkassa

5. Fika – a Swedish coffee break

Stockholm has as many cafes as New Zealand has sheep. I believe. Swedes take coffee breaks fika seriously. And I totally get the Swedes in this – there’s nothing better than a hot cup of soy latte in the many cute cafes of Gamla Stan.